Children’s Book

Authors Peter Spiegel and Lori Kirshner
Illustrations by Heegyum Kim

From the familiar “The early bird gets the worm” to the equally colorful “Bird’s eye view”, this book turns ten well-known idioms into exciting adventures. Each page, pulsating with vivid hues and captivating bird characters, promises an immersive experience of giggles, surprises, and learning. Also included are seven compelling stories about well-known birds in culture and history, a fun and challenging quiz, and a word search puzzle of avian terms

In addition to the book’s witand charm, it subtly cultivates a deep-seated respect for nature and wildlife. Kirshner and Spiegel’s passion for animal welfare shines through, adding another delightful layer to this tale of words and feathers.

Ideal for budding linguists, bird enthusiasts, and curious minds, This Book is Not for the Birds!

Offers an enchanting mix of education and entertainment. Each idiom, every illustration,
all ready to take you and your child on an unforgettable journey into the heart of language and the bird kingdom. Get ready to soar through the skies of imagination and wordplay!

About the Authors

Lori Kirshner and Peter Spiegel, a married duo passionate about animal welfare, are the authors of This Book is Not for the Birds! Founders of the non-profit, Advancing the Interests of Animals, they also host the popular Animals Today Radio show and podcast. Former eye surgeons, they now reside in Arizona with their dogs and cats.

Illustrator Heegyum Kim is an award-winning artist from South Korea who specializes in children’s books and currently lives in New York.

You Can Find Us
Publisher: Palmetto

All proceeds go to helping animals.

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