2011 International Homeless Animals Day

2011 International Homeless Animals Day

Posted on 4 Nov 2011

The 2011 Coachella Valley commemoration of International Homeless Animals’ Day took place at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa on August 20, 2011. Sponsored by Desert Paws (now called Advancing the Interests of Animals), and inspired by International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR), the late afternoon gathering featured inspiring opening remarks by Rancho Mirage Mayor, Dana Hobart, poetry readings by special invited guests, and an impassioned presentation by Dr. Lori Kirshner, titled, Too Many Sweethearts. We were then treated to a short film titled, Take Me Home, which depicted the amazing story of how all the animals in a Georgia Shelter were removed on one day for transport to New Jersey and adoption. What a wonderful sight to behold, an empty shelter.

About International Homeless Animals’ Day, from the ISAR website:

“In 1992, ISAR introduced National Homeless Animals’ Day and Candlelight Vigils as an innovative educational vehicle with a purpose of informing society of an American tragedy that overwhelms animal shelters each year – pet overpopulation. Since the conception of National Homeless Animals’ Day, ISAR has reserved the third Saturday of August, commemorating the Day annually, to promote new campaigns, programs and ideas on the solution to the pet overpopulation epidemic: spay/neuter.

Now, because of the ever-growing, successful international participation in National Homeless Animals’ Day by foreign animal protection organizations, ISAR formally acknowledges this global participation by officially entitling our crusade as “International Homeless Animals’ Day.”

Organizations around the world come together on the third Saturday of August to raise awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic. International Homeless Animals’ Day activities often include candlelight vigils, adopt-a-thons, microchip clinics, blessings of the animals, and heartfelt speeches given by council members, local veterinarians, humane officers and shelter personnel. Other activities include slideshows, rallies, dog walks, open houses, award ceremonies, live music, raffles, and games. “


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