Humane education

Humane education

Posted on 6 Dec 2019

Encouraging Kindness and Compassion Towards Animals through humane education:

  • Humane education is a rapidly growing field. A growing body of scientific evidence and numerous anecdotal reports support our beliefs that humane education can produce more responsible, less violent citizens, enhance children’s interpersonal and analytical skills, and of course, benefit animals and their environments.
  • Youth can be taught to have greater levels of caring and compassion for animals, and to become responsible pet guardians.
  • Structured humane education programs in schools and other settings positively influence the attitudes and behaviors of children and adults concerning animals.
  • Children who develop or possess greater degrees of compassion and respect towards animals also tend to treat people with more respect and kindness.

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According to the National PTA Congress,  “Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations with each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding-in every respect, more valuable citizens.”

Advancing The Interests of Animals strongly believes that the value of humane education extends to and benefits not only animals but society as a whole.  We continually incorporate principles of humane education in all of our activities and endeavor to grow our humane education programs.

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