Posted on 10 Dec 2019

Happy and Safe Dogs and Cats™ (Perros y Gatos Felices y Seguros™)

Happy and Safe Dogs and Cats (Perros y Gatos Felices y Seguros) provides much-needed information about responsible guardianship of companion animals through multiple media formats, all in Spanish. Utilizing 60 sec. radio advertisements, feature articles in the valley’s Spanish language newspaper, La Prensa Hispana, colorful informational flyers and strategically placed billboards, the messages emphasize the importance of fixing our pets, making sure they are properly vaccinated and licensed, that they have safe and secure living environments, and much more. There is very little information about responsible pet guardianship available in Spanish and Happy and Safe Dogs and Cats directly addresses this void. With your support, we hope to continue to grow this effort, thus benefitting as many dogs and cats, and their families, as possible.


In the fall of 2013, AIA conducted a pilot program to promote responsible guardianship of dogs and cats in Spanish. The materials related to this project are displayed on this page.

Every year millions of adoptable companion animals are euthanized due to overpopulation. Not only is this a heartbreaking ongoing tragedy, it also is associated with a huge financial cost to the cities responsible for animal services. In addition, many animals are subjected to neglect and abuse at the hands of uncaring people.

While efforts have been made by many organizations to educate households about animal guardianship, this outreach is, for the most part, offered in English.  AIA has found that there can be significant differences in the cultural assumptions about the care of companion animals and believes that the lack of outreach in languages other than English has limited the progress of animal care in some communities.

For example, in California’s Coachella Valley’s Spanish-speaking communities, animals are often allowed to roam freely and dogs and cats are less likely to be licensed, vaccinated and spayed or neutered. This not only potentially leads to needless suffering, disease and death of the animals, but also poses health and safety risks to people in these communities. Additionally, unfixed animals contribute to overpopulation and consequent euthanasia of unwanted dogs and cats.

In January 2014 AIA completed a successful pilot project to promote responsible pet guardianship in California’s Coachella Valley’s Spanish-speaking communities. Based on the positive results, AIA is continuing the campaign in the Coachella Valley as well as developing similar initiatives in other communities throughout the country.  Through newspaper articles, radio PSAs and commercials, internet entries and blogs, and other media, AIA is providing and will continue to provide education about the proper care of companion animals in Spanish and English.

Published La Prensa Articles 

Ayudar a Detener el Abuso Animal

Por qué Adoptar es Mejor que Comprar? – 7 de Noviembre, 2013

Porque debe de Tener Permiso para sus Perros – 31 de Octubre, 2013 

Radio Scripts

Adopt Don’t Buy

Adopten, No Compren 

Adopt don’t buy overpopulation, fix 

Adopten, No Compren Fix Sobrepoblación

Avoiding poison around the house

Evitando Veneno alrededor de su Casa

Overpopulation fix adopt 

Sobrepoblación de Animales

Overpopulation, spay and neuter 

Sobrepoblación esterilización y castración

Report Animal Abuse

Reportando Abuso de Animales

Shots and License

Vacunas y Licencia

Informational Flyer

Happy and Safe Dogs and Cats

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