Posted on 6 Dec 2019


Animals Today Radio, the signature program of AIA is now in its 15th year of continuous broadcasts. This nationally syndicated hour-long show and podcast covers and explores the wide range of topics and issues concerning all animals, including companion animals, animals in agriculture and wild animals, while promoting increased respect, compassion and kindness toward them. Hosted by Lori Kirshner and Peter Spiegel, they interview animal protectors and rescuers, legislators and lawyers, filmmakers, authors and animal advocates from around the globe on critical animal topics and issues. Commentary, news, pet product reviews and fun, lighthearted features round out this fast-paced and thought-provoking show.

Guests on the show have included celebrities, filmmakers, politicians and government officials, lawyers, authors, scientists, ecologists, food producers, naturalists and dedicated activists working in the field. They all share a desire to improve the lives of animals around the world. A few noteworthy guests have included Bob Barker, Author Dean Koontz, Actress Tippi Hedren, US Representative Tom Marino, musician Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Patrick Batuello of Horseracing Wrongs. Lori and Peter have gone on site to cover The Best Friends National Conference, the FARM animal rights conference, the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas, The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, and other events and locations of interest.

Praise for Animals Today, with Dr. Lori Kirshner

“Thank you kindly, Lori and Peter, for your invaluable show. Your commitment to the voiceless is truly unsurpassed. Both we and the animals are lucky to have you and your forum. Keep up the great work.” Patrick Battuello, Horseracing Wrongs

“Whatever animals you’re interested in, whatever topic you’d like to hear more about, and whatever your level of interest, Animals Today will satisfy your cravings. Lori and Peter seem to know just the questions to ask, and then they let their guests do the talking. This is the place to go for everything from technical information to today’s news to entertaining animal stories, plus they find the stories that no one else has. Listen once, you’ll become a fan –I did and now I’m one of their biggest.” Karen Menczer Founder/Director Animal-Kind International

“Lori, thank you, and thanks for your great program, and keep up your great work for animals.”  Chris Palmer, Wildlife Photographer and author, Shooting in the Wild.

“I thank you so much for this show, Lori, you’re a shining light out there – this is spectacularly good and I really appreciate it. The Humane Society of the United States admires you so much in your work and thank you.” Dr. John Grandy, Senior VP for Wildlife and Habitat Protection, HSUS.

“I want to thank you for what you do, its a pleasure for me to be on your program, and I’m really glad we can get behind something as positive as this bill…” Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, speaking about pet devocalization ban legislation.

“We greatly appreciate what you’re doing to encourage people to think about how they eat and think about how they relate to animals and ultimately to make humane choices.” Gene Baur, Co-founder and President, Farm Sanctuary.

“Lori, thank you for all the work you and Peter do to produce Animals Today. Your show is more than just entertainment, it is a unique and valuable source of information on animal issues worldwide, with vital information as to what caring people may do to improve the lives of animals. I encourage anyone who cares about our nonhuman friends to listen to you.”  Steve Hindi, President, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness.

Our syndication partner, RadioAmerica, airs the show in scores of radio markets nationwide. Following each broadcast, the episode is uploaded as a podcast to Apple podcasts, Stitcher, and many other players, as well as to our website,

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