Posted on 1 Mar 2015

So you and your family have decided to get a dog or cat.

We think that’s great, and we want to remind you to adopt your next pet instead of buying.

That’s because shelters have so many loving dogs and cats waiting to get a home, that it just doesn’t make sense to buy a pet from a breeder or pet store.

And sadly, over half of all animals that enter shelters are killed – that’s millions per year!

So when you adopt your pet from a shelter, most likely you are really saving a life.

When you go to a shelter to adopt your new dog or cat, you will find many wonderful choices for your new family member.

And, please tell your friends and family to visit the shelter when they are ready to get a new dog or cat.

Ask anyone, when you adopt an animal, you’ll have a loyal friend for life – and you’ll feel pretty good too!

And remember, always have your pets fixed!

This message is presented by Advancing the Interests of Animals.

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